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Nerd: standard-issue


(From shadow_wasser. Thank you.)

Standard-issue, cyclopean nerd, writer, gamer, and sometime perfectionist. Physical age 22. Emotional/mental age varies between 5 and 55 depending on the day and hour.

Fair warning: I tend to get obsessive about things. And right now, my main obsession is tennis. I have always been a tennis fan (and played a bit of it when I was small; I recently picked up a racket again, with even less ability than before) but it began to grow into an obsession about 2007.

My other two overarching 'obsessions' are video games and literature. The literature obsession began when my mother read The Hobbit to my sister and I when I was about 8 or 9 years old and I, upon realizing that there were MORE BOOKS BY THIS MAN, immediately went out and read Lord of the Rings, and that was that--hooked on fantasy. I am more of a depth than surface area reader of fantasy, in that I have a selection of favourites I read repeatedly, rather than dashing about reading everything in the genre. The video game obsession started when I was 5, playing educational games on my kindergarten's computer, and later the home computer; eventually I moved on to non-"educational" games. It took a long time, at least from my youthful perspective, but eventually I gained access to the world of mainstream games, following one to three years behind (which is the case for a lot of things, really: a recurring theme for me is being Late to The Party).

Also, I finally got aboard the Avatar: The Last Airbender boat in September '10--and almost immediately proceeded to get involved as a participant in the ATLA-themed chat that grew out of capslock_atla  and has since gained its own home (chatbending ).