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Dec. 25th, 2011

- This "alone on Christmas Day" business has proven to be more annoying/troubling than I had anticipated. Admittedly, it wouldn't have been QUITE as much of a problem if I'd had my PS3, because then I quite literally would have played Top Spin 4 all day. It was just very strange to be going to bed alone last night, and then having no one to directly interact with today. So I went online and looked at demotivationals and a few Sailor Moon fanworks. And listened to music: lots of it. Also tennis.

- I grabbed a Christmas-y icon after all. I suppose it's to be expected it involves Federer.

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- 2011 really was a great, entertaining year in tennis. I'm just sitting here going over some of the memories, now. There are a lot of them. Some bad, more good.

- No, I wasn't exaggerating. I would have literally gotten up, turned on the PS3, and played Top Spin 4 for the entire day, 9 am to midnight. ...There would have been communication/kitten-control/feeding breaks, but that's all.

- I have music playing still, lots of tennis to read, I've been conversing with Alli via text and a few others via Skype the past few hours, the family is arriving soonish, there are ponies lined up on the shelf in front of me, I rewatched A Muppet's Christmas Carol this morning, I have a "lol what winter weather" coat on, aforementioned tennis things, and much more.

You know, life is good.

Merry Christmas, all.

Writer's Block: Merry Christmas

What is the best present you received this year?
A tennis ball in a case signed by ANDRE AGASSI and ROGER FEDERER. Epic and I love it. I have it to my right at this very moment. Whilst also wearing my Federer hat from last year. This is great and I have an awesome girlfriend to get this for me.

Writer's Block: Bah Humbug Day!

Take a deep breath. Now rant about something.
....What is this, Christmas coming early or somesuch?


- The music played at the mall where I work is of rather up-and-down quality (and of course it's all "Christmas-y" music at this time). There are three "categories" of songs for me: songs that I rather like (and therefore are played rather rarely), songs that I am basically fine with unless they're played too many times, and songs that I flat-out dislike and don't want to hear ever again (often played multiple times an hour).

The foremost of Category 3 is "Baby, It's Cold Outside". The date rape song. NO I AM NOT MAKING THAT UP LOOK AT THE GORRAM LYRICS THEY ARE AWFUL AND SKEEVY AND AAGH.

And, though obviously I am biased here, it does feel like one of the most commonly-played songs. But, you know, I suppose this is a minor complaint. It's not as though the trivialization or dismissal of sexual harrasment/molestation/assault is some kind of cultural issue we're often dealing with here.

Oh wait.

...okay. Now, to some degree this can be leavened by how the song is being sung. Some versions are less icky than others, to me. But, still, I just don't see why that song would be so commonly-played. There are so many others that are nicer to listen to and do NOT have disturbing undertones in their lyrics.

- SOPA. Saying the acronym counts as a rant. Of course, if it ever does somehow pass the Supreme Court will launch it into the ionosphere at the first opportunity.


And now for more unimportant "rants":

- I am highly suspicious of this new change to LJ comments. Yeah, the loss of subject lines is annoying in and of itself, but more problematic to me in terms of pure navigation (and, you know, therefore basic useability of LJ) is that the "Parent" and "Thread" links appear to have been removed from most places, including all comms (they're still there on my personal journal, but it sounds like that may be tempoary). This is, frankly, stupid, full stop.

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- And I still want a snow cone. Or, more to the point, for my brain to work better.

"And I want a snow cone!"

The 2011 U.S. Open was, as most Slams turn out to be, an interesting tennis tournament with numerous plots and sub-plots springing up over the course of two weeks and a little more (even if some of those plots were springing a leak). This post will be a mini-summary, day-by-day, of that tournament.

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Dec. 5th, 2011

Some firings are unjustified. Some are justified.

I think this one was at least somewhat justified. And this is not hindsight-is-20/20 from me: I thought at the time that he should have put Del Potro against Nadal Day 1 and possibly put in Nalbandian instead of Monaco, against Ferrer. Putting Monaco against Nadal Day 1 was CONCEDING the first point of the match-up to Spain, and I just can't view that as anything but a bad idea. Nadal was coming off two consecutive losses: the worst possible thing to do was give him a first day opponent who could not challenge him, allowing him to warm up and regain confidence. This isn't a "avoid Nadal and you can win" thing, because David Ferrer is and was just as undefeated on DC clay as Nadal (together they are now 28-0 in that surface+format, IIRC). The Argentines should have been bringing it from the word go, and their coach should have led off with their best player. If not Delpo, at least send out Nalbandian, who wouldn't have been target practice.

(Yes, Spain could definitely have won regardless of how the Argentines arranged themselves because Ferrer and Nadal are just that good, but at least they would have been doing everything possible to win at each stage. Since Verdasco/Lopez simply haven't been good this year, Argentina "just" needed an even split in singles to prevail. Since they weren't likely to beat either Spanish main gun twice, IMO the thing to do was go step-by-step and never actually concede a point.)

This is more saddening. Well, hopefully he does qualify for the Olympics, then. Also, I don't see a Spanish team led by Almagro and Granollers being anything like as dangerous as a team led by Ferrer and Nadal (again, that combination rendered Spain virtually unbeatable at home).

...And now the 2011 tennis season truly is over. ...The 2012 season shall begin in twenty-seven days. Welp.

Icon meme

Reply to this post and I will pick five of your icons; then make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.

fvck chose:

Mmm Tragedy

First, a quick note: all but one of these five icons are ones I created myself (this makes sense, as only four out of ninety-seven of my overall userpics were made by someone else). That's why they're not particularly "pretty" (you can actually see how this one's "stretched", in fact). Anyway, as I've mentioned before, Zero Punctuation is to some degree my LJ "face", in large part because to my mind it's legitimately fitting to how I tend to express myself, and this was one of my early ones (one of my ten oldest userpics, currently). This particular userpic comes from a screenshot from the ZP for Super Mario Galaxy, during which Yahtzee says that said game would've been better on Gamecube, which is "deliciously tragic" because it was intended as a selling point for the Wii. Incidentally, I have not used this one for a journal entry here since I was still posting capschat logs here. A tragic dearth of tragedies, then.

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“But I am tired. I am tired, sure. I’m very tired. Me, I was fight. But I’m very tired. I want to stop, but I can’t because I have the Davis Cup. But I’m really tired.”

Thank you, David Ferrer, for providing insight not only to yourself, but the roster of elite tennis players in general. At this point, everyone's tired. It's not over for Ferrer, though, despite his 7-5, 6-3 loss to nemesis Federer yesterday in the WTF semifinals. He has a Davis Cup final to try to win. Go get 'em, Bulldog, remember you've never lost at home singles AFAIK and you almost single-handedly beat the U.S. team.

(Also, I can very mildly relate. I'm tired in my own considerably lesser way, too.)

This post is now slightly out-of-date. Most notably, I think the "best YEC player" question is closed for the moment. Federer will presumably never "catch" Lendl in terms of finals (9 consecutive to seven non-consecutive/five consecutive) or Nastase in terms of winning percentage, but he now has more titles than anyone, and when you factor in how he's won those titles (notably, he only ever lost one round-robin match in his title runs, to Gonzalez in 2007: also notable is that he's never been defeated in straight sets) he's first at year's end from my perspective. His win today over Tsonga by the score of 6-3, 6-7 (6-8), 6-3 gives him that record sixth title and mastery of what used to be called The Masters.

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In other sports news, the Patriots beat the Eagles 38-20 a short time ago. Smashing. (Incidentally, during the off-season the Eagles were considered to be loaded/"Dream Team"-ish. They have done notably worse than the NBA's "dream team" of last season, which at least made it to the Finals before getting stepped on by a better team. Philadelphia sports are back to not catching many breaks, it seems.)

Post-Black Friday Post

A few thoughts as my strange new place as part of the American wage-slave program workforce continues to settle in, mentally.

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A quick bit of statistical babble

Since I've been on the topic not just of the 2011 edition of the World Tour Finals but the history of that event and its predecessors, I might as well comment on a few curiosities/records.

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Now to close up. Black Friday, here we go--wake-up call in seven hours.

Another quick reaction


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